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Pituq Community Foundation


Covid-19 Pandemic

The corona virus pandemic is the defining global health crisis. Countries are racing to slow the spread of the virus by testing and treating patients, carrying out contact tracing, limiting travel, quarantining citizens, and cancelling large gatherings such as sporting events, concerts, and schools. But COVID-19 is much more than a health crisis. By stressing every one of the countries it touches, it has the potential to create devastating social, economic and political crises that will leave deep scars.

People everywhere are losing jobs and income, and Lombok as an island heavily dependent on tourism, now has empty hotels and deserted beaches with thousands of employees left without means to support themselves. The lack of tourism has also affected the farmers, shops, spas, transportation companies and so many other business fields that are depending on the tourism for a steady income. The elderly population who are the most vulnerable of infecting the corona virus are often depending on their families to support them but now, that support may not be there.

Indonesia, as the world’s fourth most populous country, has struggled to carry out tests, for a nation of over 267 million people only less than 20.000 people have been tested until 12.04.2020.

Pituq Community Foundation has cancelled all workshops, school lessons and any regular activities since early March, but still keep working to find ways to support the local communities. A Shop & Drop Service has been set up for people who want to avoid going to busy markets or shops and the foundation has employed tailors to make reusable respiratory masks which are sold and the profit goes to donating masks to the most vulnerable communities. Care packages containing the masks, rice and hygiene products are being assembled. If you would like to support this work, please contact us or donate to support our effort to help the local community.


Helping the people of Lombok rebuild their community

Following a multitude of natural disasters in the region in July and August 2018, The Pituq Community Foundation with the help of a group of over 100 local volunteers and supporters have been working hard sourcing supplies, collecting donations, distributing supplies to remote locations, organizing trauma healing for the children as well as educating camps and villages about proper hygiene and sanitation.

Supplies have been delivered to 400 locations and counting, and the foundation volunteers keep distributing clean drinking water and water filters to affected areas around Lombok. Over 40 units of earthquake resistant public bathrooms and showers have also been built in several villages around Lombok and earthquake resistant school facilities have been built in East Lombok. Several schools have also received education supplies and tools.

About the Pituq Community Foundation

Pituq Community Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports less fortunate children, families and elderly people in Lombok, Indonesia.

For several years, the founders of Pituq Co. have been raising funds to support the underprivileged people in Lombok by collecting cash, clothes and other useful items and distributing them to the people who most need it. All profits from the Charity Shop located on Gili Trawangan Island, Sayang meditation classes and natural medicine consultations go directly for charity and a part of the profit from the restaurant Pituq Waroeng are also donated to support the charity. In April 2018 the charity work was expanded into an NGO in order to support the people even more.

'We have been humbled by the amount of donations that people have generously given by people from all around the world and Pituq Community Foundation keeps finding ways to raise more funds to help those who most need it'.



Since June 2015, the foundation has been able to collect 2,1 billion IDR in cash donations as well as material donations such as food, water, clothes, tarpaulins, blankets and school supplies that have been distributed to over 400 locations to thousands of people in Lombok, giving them relief in their lives. 



Pituq Community Foundation has supported dozens of schools and orphanages around Lombok, providing them with school materials and tools for studying such as notebooks, stationary materials, books, school bags, replacing damaged whiteboards, tables and chairs mattresses and pillows. In March 2019, the Foundation built a school, which allows children to get free education in a rural area in East Lombok.



Pituq Co. Foundation has already built and distributed 42 sets of toilet and shower booths made from welded aluminum steel sheets to be taken into villages as where most buildings have been destroyed by the earthuakes. The floor is made by using broken bricks and concrete, and a team of volunteers set up a water tank and any necessary pipes for running water and waste management. 

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Pondok S2B, Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

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Roxanne Taylor Media, Australia

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