Pituq Community Foundation

Pituq Community Foundation (Yayasan Pituq Komunitas) is a non-profit charity organization supporting the Lombok community through the many initiatives in education, environment, clean water and sanitation.
The Foundation has also been giving emergency relief by distributing food, water, hygiene products and other basic necessities during the aftermath of the earthquakes in 2018 and during the covid-19 pandemic.

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Pituq Café

Pituq Café on Gili Air is now open!

Pituq Café provides sustainable, locally sourced vegan food.
The restaurant is located on Gili Air Island off the coast of Lombok in a beautiful setting with an ocean and mountain view. Find out more here!

Pituq also offers a Shop & Drop grocery delivery service in North Lombok, Mataram, West Lombok areas.
Contact us for equiries and orders.

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Pituq Community Foundation has actively collaborated as a member with dozens of other Lombok based organizations and small businesses to develop ways to empower the communities and to implement models of circular economy to further support the people and environment in sustainable ways.
Lombok Eco Flea Market is an ever growing community of hard working people with a vision of a greener Island. Through the dozens of events organized allover Lombok, LEFM has enabled the visionary producers and vendors to showcase their work and give them a channel to support the livelihood of nearly 500 people. Find out more here!


The children need your help!

As the foundation lost its source of steady funding with the pandemic, Pituq Community school attended by about 80 students is struggling to keep the doors open as funds
to pay the salaries of the teachers and to purchase much needed study supplies are running low.

Please support the education
of the children here.


Rebuilding Lombok

Roxanne Taylor Media visited the Pituq Community Foundation and documented our work in the region following the earthquakes in 2018.

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Pituq Collection

Pituq Collection is a brand created by Pituq Community Foundation to further support the Lombok communities.
The products are designed closely together with the talented craftsmen and women in Lombok to create sustainably made and recycled items. The producers can focus on developing their craft while having a source of income, while we work hard to find ways to promote and sell their products. All proceeds go towards the many charity projects of Pituq Community Foundation to support locals even further.



The Foundation has supported dozens of schools and orphanages around Lombok, providing them with school materials and tools for studying. The volunteers have also provided emotional support for children affected by the earthquakes. Pituq Community Foundation has built a pre-school in a rural area of East Lombok. Two classrooms and bathroom facilities have been built by using earthbags and ecobricks ensuring a strong earthquake resistant building and a safe learning environment for the children.



Sustainability is a core value of Pituq Community Foundation and Pituq Co. as a company. The foundation has initiated several projects to educate and raise awareness to the problems that plastic waste causes by training local communities and schools to make ecobricks ( Thus far over 10,000 ecobricks have been made, which is over 2,000 kg of plastic waste that has been collected and saved from our nature. These bricks have been used to build a school in East Lombok. The Foundation is also training local craftsmen and women to make upcycled products from waste.


The meaning of Pituq

Pituq means number Seven in Sasak - the language of Lombok. Number 7 is widely considered a lucky number, a number that has mystical meaning to it and it is a significant number in all major religions. In numerology, people with number 7 are spiritual and always looking for hidden truths. They are explorers and may have a different way of living where materialistic pleasures do not interest them.

The Seven Co's

  • Community

    Our community of people from all walks of life, sharing and caring. Only with unity can we achieve the benefits of a community.

  • Collaboration

    We need others as others need us. By collaborating with people who have the same goals, we can achieve so much more.

  • Company

    Company as a way of being self-sufficient and independent. We also support small local entrepreneurs.

  • Collection

    Our collection of sustainable products made by local talents. We create products which create jobs and by selling the products, we can support more locals.

  • Consciousness

    What we are learning about through meditation. Consciousness about ourselves, others, the universe and our existence.

  • Contribution

    We want to contribute positively to the community and the environment

  • Connection

    Connecting with ourselves and with others on a deeper level. Connecting people who want to help with people who need help.


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