Pituq Co.

Pituq Co. is the company behind the charity organization Pituq Community Foundation and the restaurants supporting the charity, Pituq Waroeng and Pituq. Pituq Co. is working to develope the community of people from all walks of life by training and teaching employees and creating a network of people coming together

Pituq Co. started by opening it’s first vegan restaurant in Gili Trawangan, Lombok. By offering private meditation lessons and natural healing consultations the restaurants were able to raise money to support people of Lombok. On top of raising funds, visitors from all around the world have helped by donating cash, clothes, food, water, toys, school supplies and other necessities to those who most need them.

‘We are determined to find more ways to support more people not just for the short term but also for the future.’

The goal is to expand the community, and build a school and a business place for people who otherwise might not have the opportunity. The mission is to help less fortunate people learn skills and help them in reaching their dreams providing them with solutions for healthy and environmentally sustainable ways of living, and by supporting them by providing them with education, jobs and housing.

Our values are deeply rooted and doing our best to help others is a part 
of our everyday lives and doing business is a way to be able to 
give back to the community and to reach the ultimate goal 
of helping and supporting people who need it. 
We believe that being humble makes us work harder, hard work takes us forward, honesty keeps us protected and giving back makes us happy.