Pituq Co. Community Foundation

Pituq Community Foundation (Yayasan Pituq Komunitas) is a non-profit charity organization in Lombok, Indonesia supporting the under privileged people and earthquake survivors to rebuild their lives.
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Pituq Restaurants

Pituq restaurants and caf├ęs provide sustainable, locally sourced vegan food, meditation programmes and not-for-profit gift shops that benefit the people of Lombok set in beautiful locations across the island.
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Rebuilding Lombok

Roxanne Taylor Media recently visited the Pituq Community Foundation and documented our work in the region following the earthquakes in 2018.

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Pituq Co Foundation ensures that the local community have access to good sanitation, clean water as well as food and supplies to help them rebuild following the natural disasters in 2018.



We have supported dozens of schools and orphanages around Lombok, providing them with school materials and tools for studying. We also provide emotional support for children affected by the earthquakes.



All ingredients at our restaurants are locally sourced and sustainable – we support the local community of farmers by purchasing from local markets and traders.


The meaning of Pituq

Pituq means number Seven in Sasak - the language of Lombok. The number 7 is a significant number in all major religions. In numerology, people with number 7 are spiritual and always looking for hidden truths. They are explorers and may have a different way of living where materialistic pleasures do not interest them.

The Seven Co's

  • Community

    The community of people from all walks of life, sharing and caring.

  • Collaboration

    Collaboration of people with the same goals

  • Company

    Company as a way of being self-sufficient and independent. We also support small local entrepreneurs.

  • Collection

    Our collection of sustainable products made by local talents.

  • Consciousness

    What we are learning about through meditation. Consciousness about ourselves, others, the universe and our existence.

  • Contribution

    We want to contribute positively to the community and the environment

  • Connection

    Connecting with ourselves and with others on a deeper level. Connecting people who want to help with people who need help.


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Join our global group of donors to support the Pituq Community Foundation cause and assist us in helping the people of Lombok.