About Pituq Community Foundation

Pituq Community Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports less fortunate children, families and elderly people in Lombok, Indonesia. For several years, the founders of Pituq Co. have been raising funds to support the underprivileged people in Lombok by collecting cash, clothes and other useful items and distributing them to the people who most need it. All profit from Sayang meditation classes and natural medicine go directly for charity and a part of the profit from the restaurants are also donated to support the foundation. In April 2018 the charity work was expanded into a NGO in order to support the people even more. 

‘We have been humbled by the amount of donations that people have generously given by people from all around the world and Pituq Community Foundation keeps finding ways to raise more funds to help those who most need it.’
So far since June 2015, the foundation has been able to collect 790 million IDR in cash donations well as material donations such as food, water, clothes, tarpaulins, school supplies that have been distributed to thousands of people in Lombok, giving them relief in their lives.
‘We are barely scratching the surface as there are many that need support, which is why we are looking for solutions to not only help people today but help them in a way that would change the course of their lives.’

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Our Charity Projects

Our visionFor a better future

Our Mission

Pituq Community Foundation is expanding the community and the plan is to build a school and create a platform to support hardworking locals who otherwise may not have the opportunity to benefit from their skills and knowledge.

The mission is to help less fortunate people learn skills and help them reach their dreams providing them with solutions for healthy and environmentally sustainable ways of living, by supporting them with education, jobs and housing.  

Our Vision

As a young organization, Pituq Community Foundation has ambitious visions for the future and is determined to see those become a reality. The vision is to create a network of people coming together, bringing their skills together and sharing their knowledge to benefit the whole community. 'We don't want to see anyone have less opportunities because of money. We want to see people becoming more self-sufficient in sustainable ways and learn the skills they need to further support their communities.

Our Values

Our values are deeply rooted and doing our best to help others is a part 
of our everyday lives and doing business is a way to be able to give back to the community and to reach the ultimate goal 
of helping and supporting people who need it.

We believe that being humble makes us work harder, hard work takes us forward, honesty keeps us protected and giving back makes us happy.

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