What is Meditation

Meditation is a great tool to finding a balance, calmness and a higher awareness with the help of concentration and breathing. Meditation can be used to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and pain and it can be a powerful way to achieve an overall mental and physical well-being.

The co-owner of Pituq Co. Rahmat, has been teaching meditation for over 10 years. He has guided numerous people from all over the world showing them his techniques of a simple, yet effective way of meditation, thus creating Sayang meditation. With Sayang meditation one can learn to find focus in life and learn ways to control emotions, feelings and mind.

Natural Healing

On top of meditation, Rahmat has been helping people overcome physical and mental illnesses with the help of natural medicine and energy healing. If medicine is needed, he only uses natural remedies individually collected to aid each persons healing process. All profits from meditation classes and medicine consultations by Rahmat are given directly to Pituq Community Foundation.


All meditation classes are conducted privately either one-on-one for a more individual approach, or as a group which gives friends, family or couples a way to connect on a deeper level. To book a lession, please enquire directly at
Pituq Waroeng or send us an email

Sayang Meditation classes in Finland

Next course: Sat 24.11 at 11am - 7pm
Address: Intiankatu 1, Helsinki. Space called Kääntöpaikka

This course combines intuitive painting with Sayang meditation. Come relax with meditation and find the creativity within yourself by intuitively painting and writing with colors.

You don’t need any past experience of meditation, artwork or writing. 

Price of the course is 145 € (includes tax and materials). You get to take home the paintings you create and detailed instructions on how to continue practicing Sayang Meditation.
50% of the course fees is donated to Pituq Community Foundation to support the earthquake survivors in Lombok, Indonesia.

Elina Jaakkola (TaM)
Aalto University: design, visual journalism and art thrapy, Bachelor or Arts

Vera Olsson
Sayang Meditation guide, Story teller, tv-producer, director and script writer.

Registration and questions: or +358 (0)40 537 3571

More information on the course on the event page on Facebook.