Earthquake Relief

The Earthquakes of July and August 2018

The Indonesian Islands of Lombok and Sumbawa suffered from a string of devastating earthquakes during the months of July and August 2018 that sadly caused the lives of 556 people and left thousands more injured. Two earthquakes 7.0 magnitude as well as several strong earthquakes and thousands of aftershocks caused severe damage to nearly 200 000 buildings and left nearly 500,000 people without a home.

The Current Situation

Three months after the earthquakes began, water, food and other supplies are still needed although the most urgent and immediate emergency is calming down. Many people in north, east, west and central parts of Lombok are sleeping outside in temporary shelters and people are traumatized and scared of new earthquakes, which have continued to this date. Although the southern parts have been saved from severe damage, the businesses are struggling due to loss of tourism, which is a large part of the economy in Lombok. The Gili Islands, which are the most popular tourism areas in Lombok, have been open for tourism since 1st of September, all the while a big community effort to clean up the rubble is being taken place. Most businesses agree about the importance of getting up and running as soon as possible, since most of the employees on Gili Islands come from Lombok.

Our Actions

Pituq Community Foundation with the help of a group of volunteers and supporters have been working hard looking for supplies, collecting donations, distributing supplies to remote locations, organising trauma healing for the children as well as educating camps and villages about proper hygiene and sanitation. Supplies have been delivered to 350 locations and counting, and the foundation volunteers keep distributing clean drinking water to affected areas around Lombok. Dozens of earthquake resistant public bathrooms have also been built in several villages around Lombok and plans to build earthquake proof school facilities are being made. On top of that, several schools and orphanages have received material aid to support the education and a library is being built for after school studying and tutoring for children in a rural area in East Lombok.

A lot has been done already, but unfortunately the damages caused by the earthquakes have been extremely severe and there is much more work to be done. That is why we need your help. All donations small or big are greatly appreciated and beneficial to help the people. For more information about all of our charity projects please click here.

Our Distributions

Since the earthquakes started Pituq Co. Foundation has received cash donations as well as material donations to be delivered to locations. The total amounts distributed are approximately:

water 500 000 liters
rice 18 000 kg
noodles 100 000 portions
fruits and vegetables 22 000 kg
baby food 900 kg
tarpaulins 520 pieces
blankets 730 pieces

clothes 11 000 pieces

Other supplies delivered include:
Medicine, diapers, hygiene products, mattresses, water tanks, piping, flash lights, generators, gasoline, electric cables, light bulbs, books, pencils, crayons, toys, games, buckets, garbage bags, building materials and tools, dust masks and fabric gloves.

Trauma healing

The events have been very traumatic to all, but especially to children, which is why it is important to give the children living in camps trauma healing. This includes education about earthquakes and what to do if they experience it again, in order for them to understand it better and to be prepared, as well as discussion for the children to be able to ask and speak their mind. Other activities such as games, competitions are also organized as well as drawing, painting, music, dancing, movie nights and puppet shows. These are all meant to calm the children and to give them fresh, new and positive memories and to make them laugh and to be able to express themselves. Pituq Co. Foundation thanks to donations is able to provide the children with books, pencils, crayons, toys and other materials for them to keep. For less than 2 $, you can give a child a drawing book, note book, crayons, pencils, eraser and a sharpener. Pituq Co. Foundation has organised fun activities to more than 5000 children and books alone have been donated over 15 000 pieces.

Please do not hesitate to contact us
if you would like to become a contributor
in our efforts to rebuild the lives of the people affected by the earthquakes.
They need all the help we can give.

Special thank you to all who have already donated and supported from all around the world.