Community Support

Clean drinking water

Two reverse osmosis water filtration plants have been set up in East and West Lombok, which produce 13 500 litres of clean drinking water each day. The water is distributed to the villages that are in urgent need. Thanks to donations, Pituq Community Foundation has also been donated 320 Nazava bucket water filters that have been distributed to areas affected by the earthquakes in Lombok. Altogether nearly 20 000 people benefit from free clean drinking water every day. 

Earthquake Resistant Hygiene Facilities

Pituq Co. Foundation has already built and distributed 30 sets of toilet and shower booths made from welded aluminum steel sheets to be taken into villages as where most buildings have been destroyed. The floor is made by reusing broken bricks and concrete, and a team of volunteers set up a water tank and any necessary pipes for running water and waste management. This takes only 3 days to complete with 4 people and the costs are kept to a minimum without compromising from the quality and resilience of the booths. The importance of this comes from the urgency to prevent any illnesses from spreading due to poor hygiene and sanitation.

The structure is built in advance in 2 days after which they are delivered to villages joined by a team of volunteers who will be staying in the camps with the locals while intergrading with the villagers and educating them about the importance of cleanliness, waste disposal, hygiene and sanitation. A support line has been provided to these villages, in order to ensure the continuation of the proper hygiene and sanitation habits.

The cost for a toilet and shower booth with piping is up to 5 million IDR, which converts to up to 340 $(USD) and this alone can benefit the villages for decades to come.


As continuation of the trauma healing we find it very important to get schools back to normal as soon as possible. Most schools that were not damaged by the earthquakes were re-opened in the last week of August, but there are school buildings that cannot be safely used anymore and hundreds that have completely collapsed.

We have supported dozens of schools and orphanages around Lombok, providing them with school materials and tools for studying such as notebooks, stationaries, books, school bags, replacing damaged whiteboards, tables and chairs mattresses and pillows. 

Getting children back to doing their normal activities is extremely important not only for their well being but also for their futures sake. We are looking into different options in materials, contributors as well as funding to be able to give the children a safe place to learn.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to become a contributor in our efforts to rebuild the lives of the People in Lombok and Sumbawa. They need all the help they can get.

Special thank you to all who have donated and supported from all around the world.